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Dunkin 'Donuts isn't just donuts!

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There is an old adage: "Where there is a will, there is a way". Likewise, “where there is food, there is echoVME”. After reviewing various restaurants in Chennai like Flower drum, Cream & Fudge, Deccan Plaza, Links, Donut House and more, this time around we decided to visit the brand new Dunkin 'Donuts at Phoenix Market city in Velachery, Chennai!dd-01The place has an amazing vibe that will suit young people well. The echoVME team loved it and we had a hard time deciding which spot was everyone's favorite!

Dev Amrutesh, the COO and President of Dunkin 'Donuts chaired the event, along with his team of chefs one of whom came from Delhi especially for the event! The event started with Mr. Dev introducing his team and giving a brief description of the history of Dunkin 'Donuts!In his speech, Mr Dev said that with Dunkin 'Donuts they plan to attract young adults in the 21-35 age group who are fed up with QSR and have no patience for fine dining. Looks like they did their research! They discovered that the behavior of young urban adults is very similar to each other in cities than cousins ​​staying in a city a few miles away.It was a 15 course meal that allowed them to showcase their best dishes from their huge menu. Here is a small description of each of them. Let the tasting begin!1. Lucy's naughty burger:lucy's naughty burgerThis could be one of the best burgers you will ever have. This has been designed in such a way that the flavors will tease you and add symphony in your mouth. The burger was a perfect combination of Indian and international flavors filled with oozing goodness of cheese and smoky patty. This burger is available in a vegetarian and chicken version.2. Wicked wrap:Wicked-wrapFrom the name we can tell the Wicked Wrap is just plain Wicked! The flavors burst in the mouth. It's packed with the right amount of spicy chicken / paneer sumptuously coated in amazing sauces and enough veggies to make us salivate at first glance and devour it the minute we could get our hands on one!3. Iced tea:Iced teaOnce the nasty wrap was done, it was refreshment time and they brought it! These iced teas are not the ones you find regularly in your usual cafes! DD has one for everyone! Your life will be a mess if you don't try their fortified iced tea which is a blend of cloves, cinnamon, and cloves. Then came the equally refreshing lemongrass mint iced green tea and lemon iced green tea. The specialty here is - They make their own tea!4. Robust burger:Hard burgerIt is now THE heavyweight burger with which the slogan “Get your mojo back” was launched! It's hard! It's masculine! It is imperfect and it is conflicting! These are not our words. These are the words of the COO! The badass burger comes in moderations which are the original tough hamburger and the raw tough hamburger! It takes an extremely strong jawbone and digestive system to finish the original badass burger at Dunkin 'Donuts! “Take it out on the burger,” Mr.

Dev says! And we just did that!5. Crispy Joe Burger:Crunchy joeIt's a burger that's very unique. It's the world's first burger with a fried bun. It's crunchy and juicy both with a lentil filling and a mix of sloppy joe. Crunchy Joe is inspired by the waali gali parathe of old Delhi!6. Dunkaccino:DunkaccinoDunkacinno is the best cold coffee in the world. Whether it is the presentation or the taste, it's the best! There are about 4 variations and we had the opportunity to have the Jamaican Rum Almond phone number database Flavored Dunkaccino. No no! It has no alcohol but there is just a sweet rum flavor added! Yum !7. Espresso:EspressoThis is the best option for black coffee lovers. Those who love the bitter taste of coffee will definitely fall in love with this wonderful recipe at Dunkin 'donuts. Are you feeling depressed and tired? An espresso from Dunkin 'Donut can rejuvenate your body and mind!8. Cappuccino:cappuccinoA combination of freshly ground coffee and milk - the cappuccino couldn't be better! Trust us! Dunkin 'Donuts cappuccino is a deadly combination of the best coffee beans in the country - Chikmangalore and the best hands that make it. Its frothy goodness served with a smile by the staff is guaranteed to cheer you up and make your day!9. Donuts:donutsAnd finally, we come to the most important part, the donuts. The names of the donuts are quite interesting! The flour comes from Australia and Spain for the donuts.Death by Chocolate: A perfect blend of chocolate and much more! Every bite is "Wow". The chocolate mixes as you bite the donut.Alive by Chocolate: This is overloaded with tempting gooey chocolate and crushed chocolate cookie crumbs.It's a mistake: a chocolate made from white chocolate filled with fresh guava. This donut seems to be quite different. Although the combination looks different, the donut tastes brilliant! Rest assured the only mistake in this donut is in the name Ugly Strawberry: Any strawberry lover would love this donut! Chocolate strawberries can never go wrong! The strawberry teases your tongue as the chocolate dissolves in your mouth. Hot and hazy feelings everywhere!Breaking party eclair: chocolate lovers would be totally lost in it! All of this would make you say "delicious!" The sumptuous lightning will certainly help you forget all the unfortunate events of the day!

Go there if you are having a bad day and see how you come out with a smile on your face!No more blues: you certainly can't have "blues" if you have that. Mint lovers would love this refreshing donut. Mint and donut you say? Trust us, it's fun! Go there if you are feeling adventurous!Stuck on You: For caramel lovers, this is the perfect donut! With crispy cookies to top it off! It packs a punch and leaves an incredible aftertaste.We would love to thank all the bloggers and tweeters for making this event such an amazing event! And not to forget, We also want to thank the wonderful chefs! : p Heads-Bloggers-SocialMediaTeamWe thank all the bloggers who took their time and came to discover Dunkin 'Donuts!Echo-teamTeam echoVME at the Dunkin 'Donuts opening!Overall it was an amazing day where the brand expressed their passion with their food! What we liked most was the fact that Dunkin 'Donuts offers the best without taking itself too seriously. They deliver with a smile. The chefs took the time to explain everything to us, Mr. Dev made sure that everyone had a taste of his cuisine! The day was filled with fun, energy, buzz and of course donuts! So it is quite interesting to be a foodie in Chennai and days like today fuel our


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